Objet d' art

[ x+l ]

Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel

x + lはオランダのアムステルダムに拠点を置くXander VervoortとLeon van Boxtelによるデザインユニットです。舞台美術や撮影のための美術にバックグラウンドを持ち、1996年にインテリアデザインに焦点を当てたx + lスタジオを設立しました。



彼らは職人の友人と緊密に協力して、x + l らしさを常に探求しながらものづくりをしています。


x + l stands for Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel, designers based in Amsterdam, Holland. with a background in theater and art, they founded x+l studio in 1996, focussing on interior design.

through the years they worked for several disciplines: photography, advertising, stage design, fashion and exhibition design.

in addition to this commissioned work they create handmade objects that are unique or produced in very small numbers. 

in 2013 x+l launched 'parfumobscure', a perfume made with pure and natural ingredients, collected on their travels to India, Japan, France and Italy.

the studio consists of just the two founders. working closely together with artisan friends, enables them to maintain the very personal view that is x+l.

in this online store they present handmade products that they have created themselves. limited series and single objects go alongside handcrafted finds from their travels.

they like the irregularity in the products: being able to see the human touch gives it an extra. they embrace the imperfect and hope you will appreciate this as well.